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October 29, 2008 at 8:42 pm (Life, School)

So, I’m sitting in the library on the fourth floor. I don’t have a table to put this laptop on, so it’s actually on my lap. How convenient of it to fit its name for once. Actually, it’s not convenient at all. My butt is hurting and I wish I could sit a different way to accomadate my butt. But alas, I cannot.

I don’t have too much to say really, but we all know how that can blossom into a beautiful, raving blog entry. : ] I really just decided to write in order to procrastinate doing my reader’s response for English. Not to mention I still have to get to page 40 in Life of Pi in order to actually finish it anyway. So here I sit, while Corey is working downstairs in the computer lab. Don’t get me wrong, I love the library and all, but it seems like this is the only way I can get myself here to actually get work done; if I go with Corey while he works. It gives me a straight time line in which to get things done, in a way in minimizing the amount of procrastination. I know I only have two hours here, so only a third of my time is spent procrastinating, instead of the whole two hours it would be if I were back in my room.

I actually really love my room. If you haven’t seen it, there are pics on facebook. It just seems like I always get more done in places other than my room. Probably because I know exactly how to distract my self there, without having to think about it.

College isn’t so bad. Just took me a couple of months to get really used to it. And now there are only 4 1/2 weeks left of this semester. It amazes me how quickly time goes here. A lot faster than last year of course. But I am not sure if that is because it was Senior year last year, or if it is simply the fact that it was high school. I do miss my teachers though. It takes me a long while to warm up enough to a teacher to have actual conversation with them and all. And now since I only have semester long classes, I feel as though I won’t get the chance to really enjoy my teachers like I did last year.

I know this blog is just an overview kind of thing. But it’s been a while, and I probably should get back into blogging at least every other day or so. It’s just been so long since I actually have done that, so I won’t make any promises. Because it’s hard to get back to something once you quit. Unless it’s riding a bicycle.

I wonder if I should try a new approach to the blogging thing again. A while back, over on eBloggy, I was doing this thing where I just made a blog of five points every day. They were numbered and it was usually a rant or whatever, and I think that worked for me. So perhaps, now, I shall try a new method that will encourage me to get back to blogging.

I have no idea what it will be yet. But I will be thinking before the next post. Because I have decided that my next post will be in this new format. And you’ll have to wait and be surprised.

Excited yet?


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Birthday #19

October 20, 2008 at 8:14 pm (Birthday, Life, Love)

Well, it definitely wasn’t what I had planned. But I love Corey so much for taking me out and trying his damn best to make it a day full of what I wanted. And really, it wasn’t so terrible. I just didn’t get done what I wanted to get done…

We went to Graphic Flesh to try and get my belly button pierced, but the girl who does that doesn’t work on Mondays. So that was strike one. But then, on the way to dinner Corey gave me my gift, which was actually very me and so clever of him to give to me then, when he knew I was feeling bummed. Oh, by the way, the gift was Stephenie Meyer’s New Moon en español. So, we went to dinner at this place called Jade Garden, it was Chinese buffet. Anyway, it was alright, but they had the crappy version of crab ran goon and really their food was not very good. So when Corey paid, we found out that the place was way pricey for the quality of food they served. So, and I am not saying it’s Corey’s fault, I was mad that he had to pay so much for my b-day dinner and I really didn’t even enjoy it very much. So strike two. And strike three, well I won’t go into detail, but it was something I verily wanted and simply put, it just wasn’t that good either. So strike three.

But I love Corey to pieces because he tried very hard and he also got me a gift that I really do love. Plus, tonight is One Tree Hill night and Corey is letting me stay the night at his place tonight. So hopefully in the end, I will look back and be happy even if it wasn’t exactly how I pictured it.

But then again, when is life ever the exact way we want it to be??

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Busy Bees

October 9, 2008 at 11:38 pm (Birthday, Family, Life, School)

So who knew that college would be so detrimental to the plan of regularly blogging? Well, my schedule anyway. Last time I blogged I was still having a hard time adjusting and such, especially the part about not being with Corey every day. But ya know, it’s kind of nice not having to live with him all the time. Of course I miss it, but the time away is good too.

So anyway, I am going to Centennial tomorrow for Homecoming. Mostly because I do want to spend time with my family, and also because I know I will see Wifey and Paul and a bunch of other peoples I haven’t seen in a while. Plus, I think it will be nice to see Shelato. Hopefully they win, cuz the last Varsity game I went to was not so hot. And I will hear the Cadence and the fight song, and (unfortunately) the new marching music, which reminds me of the pork commercials and Christmas all in one.

I actually have to come back here sometime during the day Saturday though, seenig as I have to work from 5-8. But after that Corey is coming to get me and I will spend the night there. Anyway, that is the plan for now.

For those of you who don’t know, my birthday is rapidly approaching. It is on the 20th of this month, and I am uber excited. I plan on getting my belly button pierced the day of, and the Saturday and Sunday beofre it (the 18th and 19th) I will be home again, but that’s so my family can see me, plus my cousin is having a candlde party… I know, sounds weird, but we’ll see. Plus some of my old co-workers will be there, and I am excited to see them, too.

Well, I suppose that’s all for now. of course, I have to say how much I love the, well, limited drama. Not that there hasn’t been ANY. But, so much less. SO so soooo much less.   : ]

Good night to all, and have a wonderful weekend. GO CHARGERS!!

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