Thanksgiving ’08

November 27, 2008 at 11:24 pm (Family, Fear, Life, School)

So… it has been a very unproductive Thanksgiving break. I should be working, or should have started working, on an 8-10 page paper that is due next week. I, however, have not. But of course… I am a procrastinator, have been for a really long time.

At the Parental Units’ house right now. Have been since about 1:30 Wednesday. But I am going back to Corey’s dad’s tomorrow. Dunno when yet. I mean, I love my fam to death, I do. But I still wanna spend time with Corey before we go back to school where he will be busy for the next two weeks, and where I will have relatively little to do after Wednesday of this coming week. Not to mention, I will be back in two weeks for Christmas break, which is a whole month. So I will be sure to see them more often than I did this last summer.

Not too much new really. Still trying to figure out where I am right now, after some trouble I had about two weeks ago. I guess I feel like I am still a child, like i haven’t grown a bit since high school. And that scares me, because I want to grow up and be mature. Not only that, but I feel like one day I will lose Corey and it will be because I am not grown-up enough for him, that I won’t be good enough.

But other than that whole mess that I have become and this dang nervousness I always get when I stall writing a paper…. well, things are good. Not necessarily great, but not bad either.

Hope you all have a good Thanksgiving and break.


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See now…

November 16, 2008 at 1:32 pm (Love)

Things have

turned around.

So glad,

he loves

me still.

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Today, today

November 12, 2008 at 9:01 pm (Fear, Life, Love)

Today has

been way

too much

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Far-Fetched Desire?

November 3, 2008 at 10:37 am (Fear, Love)

Not having a very good day to start off with… Well, I guess it started last night.

Me and Corey had a talk. Nothing too life ruining, but it just made me worry a lot. And I guess what gets to me is that COrey didn’t tell me  not to worry. And so then I had a dream that has completely opened up the floodgates to the hysterics I am now having.

And so, I want to talk to him some more today, but I want him to know how I feel about us, it, our relationship, everything. And then when I’m done,  I want him to tell me to calm down, that everything is okay, that we are fine and the only people whose opinions matter are me and him.

That’s what I want.

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