long time, yadda yadda

April 13, 2009 at 7:37 pm (College, Life, Long-lost sibling)

I honestly feel bad. About not blogging. I don’t even know if there is anyone out there that reads this little old blog of mine. Sometimes I am tempted to go back to eBloggy. Goodness knows I frequent that site more than this one, but that’s only because my favorite blogs are over there.

But about this whole brother business. Well, I haven’t seen him since Spring Break, but it’s to be expected. At least from my end. Let’s face it. I ave never been good at the keeping in touch thing. I am not sure why. Maybe I just feel that if a perosn is meant to stay in your life, then they will. Not to mention, college in all its amazingness is very time-consuming and it’s hard to see my family who lives in Champaign a whole lot, let alone a long-lost brother who lives 3 hours away from Champaign.

But anyway, perhaps I can make a compromise on this whole blogging thing. Of course, I’ve tried it before. I did the list thing for a while, and then I felt a sudden urge to write. So… here is a new idea that will maybe get the juices flowing by the time summer break gets here. Instead of lengthy, choppy, make no sense blogs I will simply TRY to write a one sentence blog every couple of days.

We will see where it takes me.


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