Brother Up-date

February 21, 2009 at 3:12 pm (Brother, Family, Long-lost sibling, Older borther)

Just a small one really…

So, he called me last night. Well, Shain called from his phone, and then handed it over to Josh. It wasn’t a long talk. But very surreal.

He is actually 25, so more or less 5 years older than me, and about 7 years older than Shain.

I am still reeling from the shock of it. I mean…. all of sudden I have two brothers. Okay, I’ve obviously had two brothers for quite some time, but now they both know of my existence.


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Biggest News of My Life

February 20, 2009 at 4:31 pm (Brother, Family, Life, Long-lost sibling, Love, Never met)

So. To use a professor’s favorite line, I am going to *attempt* to write about this very calmly and unemotionally. But no promises.

I have known from the time that I have been about 12 or so that I have an older half-brother, a brother that I have never met. See, my biological mother had a son before her and my father had me and my brother. As it turns out, she hasn’t really been in the picture for most of my life, but I am okay with that. My mom, Teri, is the greatest mom I could ask for, so I don’t feel motherless or anything like that.

Anyway. Lately, my biological mother (who will be referred to as Merrilee from here on out, seeing as that is her name) has been in contact with my brother and myself. My brother (Shain) has talked to her and spent time with, whereas I have been a little less than forgiving and have not really wanted anything to do with her. Which, you know, is my prerogative. Whatever.

But I guess she has been attempting to get in contact with Josh, our older half-brother, too. And apparently she finally has. She told my dad this, who then asked Shain if he wanted to meet and talk Josh.

I just found out about them finding him today, and I also found out that tonight, TONIGHT, Shain and Josh will be meeting for the first time ever. I am so so so jealous. For a couple years now, I have vowed that when I start to make money, I would put some time into finding my brother that I’ve never met.  And Shain gets to meet him first. But I am okay with that. I am more over-joyed that soon I, too, will be in touch with this “long-lost” brother of mine.

So that’s the news of my life right now. So, because I can’t go home this weekend my parents are suposed to leave my phone number for Josh, that way he can contact me. I want it to be soon, but I realize that it may be awhile before he deicdes to call or meet me. After all, meeting one sibling you never knew you had is hard enough, let alone two.

Here are the details that I know about him (really, it’s not much):

1. HE lives in Indiana.

2. He is apparently an engineer of some sort.

3. I’ve seen pictures of him when he was younger, around 4 or 5, and Shain and him looked so much alike when they were that age.

4. He is either 22 or 23. So he is approximately 2-3 years older than myself, and 4-5 years older than Shain. At least, this is what I was told (I will be writing specifics as soon as I know them.)

5. Name: Josh. Yup. His full name is written down somewhere in an old picture album we have, but it escapes me at this moment.

Really, that’s all I know. But I am DYING to know more and meet him and have an older brother. *sigh* So exciting.

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Something I found on another blog…

December 24, 2008 at 3:09 pm (Adoption, Family, Life, Love, Scoliosis)


This is Grady.He turned 13 years old on June 3rd of this year. On June 3rd of next year, he will age out of China’s adoption program and will no longer be eligible for adoption. Sadly, his SWI just submitted his paperwork 2 months ago -which doesn’t give him much time to find a family.
You can’t see it in this picture, but Grady has scoliosis. It is so severe that is has caused him to be much shorter than he would have been. Apparently he has to place all of his weight on only one of his legs -and we’ve been told that he cannot feel that side of his body. He walks with crutch like canes….but LONGS to be able to run and play just like other boys his age.
He is living at The Philip Hayden Foundation right now. The people I’ve emailed with about Grady tell me he is an absolute sweetheart and a great kid. He is desperate to have a family of his own.
I know there are thousands of kids just like Grady, but something about this boy has tugged on all of our hearts here in our home. 🙂 The kids (Andrew and Becca) pray for Grady before every meal and every bed time..without fail. They pray for God to heal his back and for Grady to have a family.
John and I feel the least we can do for this sweet boy is to diligently pray for him and advocate for him. Will you help us do this? Will you join us in praying for Grady? for his back -which will take several surgeries to “fix”? and for the Lord to quickly raise up a family for him?
I’m going to be a bit bold here..would you help us advocate for him too? If you have a blog, would you do a little post about him? or maybe email everyone in your email address list and just let them know that Grady needs prayer and a family? You never know who may see your blog post or read your email and then see Grady’s picture and say “oh my! that’s my boy!!!”
If you, or anyone you know of, are interested in Grady, please email me at jethalt (@) yahoo (dot) com -take out the parentheses of course! and I can put you in contact with the folks who are in charge at The Philip Hayden Foundation

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Thanksgiving ’08

November 27, 2008 at 11:24 pm (Family, Fear, Life, School)

So… it has been a very unproductive Thanksgiving break. I should be working, or should have started working, on an 8-10 page paper that is due next week. I, however, have not. But of course… I am a procrastinator, have been for a really long time.

At the Parental Units’ house right now. Have been since about 1:30 Wednesday. But I am going back to Corey’s dad’s tomorrow. Dunno when yet. I mean, I love my fam to death, I do. But I still wanna spend time with Corey before we go back to school where he will be busy for the next two weeks, and where I will have relatively little to do after Wednesday of this coming week. Not to mention, I will be back in two weeks for Christmas break, which is a whole month. So I will be sure to see them more often than I did this last summer.

Not too much new really. Still trying to figure out where I am right now, after some trouble I had about two weeks ago. I guess I feel like I am still a child, like i haven’t grown a bit since high school. And that scares me, because I want to grow up and be mature. Not only that, but I feel like one day I will lose Corey and it will be because I am not grown-up enough for him, that I won’t be good enough.

But other than that whole mess that I have become and this dang nervousness I always get when I stall writing a paper…. well, things are good. Not necessarily great, but not bad either.

Hope you all have a good Thanksgiving and break.

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Busy Bees

October 9, 2008 at 11:38 pm (Birthday, Family, Life, School)

So who knew that college would be so detrimental to the plan of regularly blogging? Well, my schedule anyway. Last time I blogged I was still having a hard time adjusting and such, especially the part about not being with Corey every day. But ya know, it’s kind of nice not having to live with him all the time. Of course I miss it, but the time away is good too.

So anyway, I am going to Centennial tomorrow for Homecoming. Mostly because I do want to spend time with my family, and also because I know I will see Wifey and Paul and a bunch of other peoples I haven’t seen in a while. Plus, I think it will be nice to see Shelato. Hopefully they win, cuz the last Varsity game I went to was not so hot. And I will hear the Cadence and the fight song, and (unfortunately) the new marching music, which reminds me of the pork commercials and Christmas all in one.

I actually have to come back here sometime during the day Saturday though, seenig as I have to work from 5-8. But after that Corey is coming to get me and I will spend the night there. Anyway, that is the plan for now.

For those of you who don’t know, my birthday is rapidly approaching. It is on the 20th of this month, and I am uber excited. I plan on getting my belly button pierced the day of, and the Saturday and Sunday beofre it (the 18th and 19th) I will be home again, but that’s so my family can see me, plus my cousin is having a candlde party… I know, sounds weird, but we’ll see. Plus some of my old co-workers will be there, and I am excited to see them, too.

Well, I suppose that’s all for now. of course, I have to say how much I love the, well, limited drama. Not that there hasn’t been ANY. But, so much less. SO so soooo much less.   : ]

Good night to all, and have a wonderful weekend. GO CHARGERS!!

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